LIMACS is an Interim Management and Consultancy firm, active in the FINANCE and OPERATIONS domain.
Assure Continuity

In order to assure continuity, the Interim Manager will temporarely fill in the vacant or new function.
This gives our Customer the time that is needed for searching the right person for the job. The Interim Managers experience and his overqualified profile will lead to a quick integration/ assimilation.
As soon as the new employee is found, the Interim Manager in his mentor role, will assure a smooth transition of the developed know-how

Project Management

There are a few reasons why a Customer might decide to assign a project to an external party. It may be that, internally, there is not anybody suitable for, or even available to manage a project. The opportunity cost of assigning projects internally, is often underestimated. Furthermore, a permanent internal role might not be wanted in this case. Hiring an Interim Manager/ Consultant in such case, gives our Customers huge flexibility: once the project is delivered, the Consultant leaves.
Screening of Operational and Financial Processes

Discover how an external screening of important operational and financial processes can make your Company leaner and improve its P&L and cash flow. Through our expertise we can help you:
- achieve costs savings by reviewing production and distribution processes
- reduce inventory conversion period
- optimize accounts receivable processes
- reduce overhead costs, etc..